Saturday, January 24, 2009


So today I got to help Sean do a demo at the 3rd Annual Pacific Martial Arts Conference in Eugene. Like last year, it was fun! We used some real cheap pseudo-wasters to show 60 odd martial artists from various systems and styles some basic grappling actions from the Spada in Armi sections of the Fiore manuscripts. We used the "new" fiddle-bow-esque posta from the Florius (which we have named "Posta di entrare" - Guard of Entering). The first action we did was a simple serpentine on the sword and take-away against a thrust. Then we used the same basic action, but entering deeper and wrapping the left arm in a ligadura sottana. We had planned on doing a collar-throw and reversal from the Bolognese pollaxe material, but we ran out of time :( All in all it was a great day, at least what I got to experience before I had to run off to work. I think my highlight was Sensei Best of Best Martial Arts in Eugene talking about how the basic karate punch (and it's action) can be used as a high and low block, much like every strike with sword can be a parry as well as a strike. All in all, it was great to network with the areas other martial artists and spend a day (or part of one anyways) realizing that we all do the same stuff, just differently.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So, as an aside to what I normally write about here, I am a big MMA fan. As a sport it is very impressive. By far, my favorite fighter is Fedor Emelianenko. If you know who he is, or if you have no clue, just watch these 6 mini-episodes about him. He is not only a great fighter he truly is a wonderful and well-rounded man.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So by far the single most frustrating thing about living in Eugene with all its rain is that the grass is permanently soggy. This, combined with living in an apartment, means that I only have two choices for sword/axe training: 1) Drive across town to the salle or 2) Practice in the middle of the complex's driveways. I know that deep down it is my own laziness that keeps me from actually grabbing the weapons and doing it, but sadly in this age you have to be careful about practicing our arts outside. I have already had police called on me by my neighbors for practicing in my old yard with my aluminum sword, so I can only imagine how quickly the cops will be called if I break out my pollaxe in the driveway! So I will just do what I have been doing for a while, which is going to the salle about an hour before class and spending my time at home doing the mental side of WMA training (especially trying to learn French).

On the positive side, owning all six seasons of Mythbusters is awesome!