Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sick - bleh

At home sick for the day.  Just spent the last couple hours scouring the web and putting together a folder of Spadone / Montante material.  I may start playing with this, a little outside my normal area of interest (15th century) but come-on - it's a big freakin' sword!

In a few days I will probably be finished with a post about some thoughts on axe combat based on the axe bouts from the 600 - especially my three bouts.


Tyson said...

Montante! The coolest of all weapons.

I'd very much like to know what material made it into your folder, please.

Alex said...

Not much, truth be told.

Eric Myers and Steve Hicks montante translation from the Oakeshott.

A scan of Eric & Steve's class notes from their montante class at WMAW 2007

A translation of Marozzo's spadone section (Book III)

Tom Leoni's spadone guards PDF from the Seven Hearts website