Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Brief Rant

A brief rant here -

It seems that too many questions creep up on various forums (fora? forae?) that can be solved by a very simple rule I learned in Scouting and from the military.

When in Doubt, Read The F&*king Manual  -> or RTFM

Seriously, I don't see how people can debate or question the interpretation of one of the few things Fiore clearly tells us.

However, if you are going to use Fiore's words to support your interpretation - use the ENTIRE F&*KING SENTENCE!!!!  I hate this in religion, I hate it in politics, and I hate it in WMA.  Do not simply lift out half a sentence that supports your hypothesis when the rest of that sentence completely invalidates everything you are saying!  Especially not when I can easily find the transcription and translation(s) and read for myself that you are mis-using the resource.

If you wonder what the "correct" interpretation is - there isn't one.  Get over it.  Find the interpretation that you agree with and that you can find support for in the text and use it.  If people don't like it, fine.


motley said...

Why do I feel I had some part in this ? :-)

Alex said...

Yes you are involved in both threads that caused this. But no, it's not aimed at you. In fact, our discussion at the 600th inspired me to RTFM myself - the jury is still out on the frontale vs breve thing, but now I totally see what you're saying.

motley said...


I am glad that my drunken late night ramblings made some small amount of sense :-)

I am happy to discuss it more should you want to. It makes me have to think and define why I think what I do.