Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Having a brain fart so I'm going to open the boards here: I am looking for suggestions for topics to write about.  Anything goes: questions, arguments we've had, more evidence to back up my interpretations, etc.


Tyson said...

I've been working on getting my own WMA blog up and running (coming soon!), so I've been thinking a lot about different subjects for myself. Here's some that might work for you:

1) Compare/contrast pollaxe actions in Fiore, Le Jeu de la Hache, the KdF material. This could be a series, actually - a post on each guard, say, or a post for different tactical scenarios, or whathaveyou. What is universal between systems, what is different, what is in one but missing from others (and why), etc.

2) Start posting your personal training regimen.

3) A lot of WMA writing focuses on techniques, but it would be interesting to see you write some things on tactics for the pollaxe.

4) Reviews and links to the sources you use - what books, translations, blogs, etc, have you used/do you use to inform yourself.

5) I'd love to see your definition of "Western Martial Arts".

6) What are your personal goals and motivations in pursuing this art?

Alex said...

Wow, thanks Tyson!

1) I like this one & will probably start playing with it.

2) HAHA this point my "personal training regimen" is pretty lame, but maybe when it gets a little more rigorous.

3) I might tie this into the first post too. However, I will include the giant caveat that I've only actually fought three bouts with the axe, so I'm not terribly qualified to speak to tactics.

4) Not a problem, can do

5 & 6) I think that this what I'll work on for my next post.