Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Managed to make myself go out in the cold (no comments Teague) and do some sword work.  Sadly, it was a very short time because my dog- when he was outside kept thinking I was trying to play (a fun test of your elephant - have an 80lb dog jump on you exactly half-way through a mezza volta) ans when I put him inside he drove my wife crazy because he wanted to be out with me.  Hopefully the more I start training a little bit each day, he will become more used to it.

Anyways, here's what I did:

Northwest Fencing Academy's Posta Dance - Here is a Video.  The nice thing about this exercise is that it combines learning the poste with their tactical applications.  As you learn those applications, the drill allows you to change what actions you perform while remaining in the "guide" setup by the series of poste.

Cutting drill - fendenti, sottanti, mezzani, punte.  All starting from Posta di Donna (left and right).  Alternating sets between half cuts (ending in Longa) and full cuts (ending in another guard position).  Starting at what Guy calls "treacle speed" (aka molasses speed, or Tai Chi speed) and slowly speeding up, focusing on smoothness of action and balance (especially fun with all the roots, pine-cones, etc. in my backyard) at all times.  Whenever you feel out of control, slow down.

These two drills comprise the bulk of my solo training program.  The Poste Dance allows me explore what can be done from each guard and the Cutting Drill works me on all seven blows of the sword, flow, balance, & speed.  In this way, I work on everything in the Segno - the blows, Judgment, Quickness, Strength - Courage is a tough one to practice by yourself but it can be said that the act of practicing everyday regardless of weather, etc. takes courage *shrug*

Oh BTW, I use my Purpleheart waster for this practice.  As soon as I solidify what drills work best for me with the axe I'll put those up as well.

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