Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Poleaxe Tactics

This is another of Tyson's requested topics, he requested that while many people talk about techniques, few give advice on tactics.

Well first off, I really don't have much experience to be talking from.  After all, I've only had 3 bouts with the axe.  That's it.  You can read about them here.

So instead of trying to bullshit ya'll with my "immense" knowledge and experience, I will simply repeat a few gems from the Anonimo Bolognese and Le Jeu de la Hache.

  • Aim for the weak spots in your opponent's armour - usually the armpits, insides of elbows, palms, throat, etc.
  • Use a stop-thrust to the face, throat, chest or arms whenever you can get away with it - when your opponent changes guards, telegraphs a blow, or enters into measure without covering themselves.
  • Use feints.
  • Use the head (hook, hammer, axe, whatever) to hook your opponent's haft, arms, legs, collar whenever you can - if you throw a blow at their head & overshoot, pull back HARD!
  • Don't forget the feet! Yours or theirs.  Queue thrusts to the feet can be very sneaky.
  • Keep whatever end you have facing your opponent moving, especially with thrusts to the face or feet.  This way they can't find it and put it aside
  • Control your weapon - don't open up too much space between you & your axe.  Don't let your blows go too far outside your opponent's silhouette.
With all these bits of advice, the opposites hold true:
  • Protect your own weak spots - don't give your opponent an easy shot to your palms or armpits.
  • Do not enter into measure without covering yourself with your axe & don't telegraph your blows.
  • Be careful of over-commiting yourself while parrying.
  • Whenever you can, use your axe to control theirs & set it aside.
That really about sums it up.

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