Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Updates, updates, updates

Finally got myself a Hanwei Tinker longsword. It was an...interesting experience with a particular Hanwei distributor that was 20% my fault, so I won't publicly bash them for their lack of customer service.

Anyways, now that I have it, I am planning a simple project to re-wrap the handle, making it a bit thicker and more durable, and a more in-depth project where I'm planning to make a new handle that with be a leather wrap with a wire wrap on the lower 3", with a wire Turk's head over the join between the leather and wire.

The other major update is that I am trying to make a habit of practicing with my sword (or axe) at least 5 minutes everyday.


Jason Smith said...

I think you'll like the Tinker. for the price, it's got some decent handling characteristics, and good flex in the thrust, which allows you to play pretty realistically.

As to the major complaints: breakage. We've had none. Wear and tear: Yes, they will get chewed up against an Albion or A&A. That's why our training weapon of choice is the Tinker - everybody's got them, so they hold up fairly well. Had mine for over a year, and little problems, aside from basic maintenance. Ditto with others. And frankly, if they do break, well, that's *why* we bought them. Cheap, replaceable blades. Like hockey sticks, tennis rackets, and other sports equipment, you should expect it to need replacing.

And besides, what do you expect from a $120 sword? :-)


Alex said...

We've been using the Tinkers since they came out and have had zero problems with them. The only things we've found we have to do are round out the edges (mine were especially square out of the box) and we wrap the handles with waxed linen/nylon cord which fattens the handle a bit and keeps the leather from ripping off.

I like them, which is why I bought one, and it will be my main trainer until I can afford an Albion. And when I do, I will make more upgrades to the handle of my Tinker and buy a replacement sharp blade


Jason Smith said...

right - I know Sean uses them, and he and I have been somewhat put through the inquisition on the forums for our support of the Tinkers. My comment was more for others' benefit than for yours. ;-)

Alex said...

Mine too ;)