Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Musings - Don't get Lost in the Forest by Focusing on the Trees

I was recently made aware of the fact that I have been focusing far too much on individual weapons (i.e. which do I prefer more: longsword, poleaxe, spear, etc.?) and losing the forest for the trees. Instead, my focus needs to be on the system as a whole - as the Marine saying goes "One Mind, Any Weapon". All of the weapons, as cool as they are individually, are just tools. I find myself wondering (and this is probably just an effect of my lack of training time) whether I should spend my time on the longsword, or the axe, or sword & buckler, or whatever and the answer is all of the above. There is room in Armizare for all of these weapons, if by no other option than by simply following the principles therein. For instance I've been playing with my homemade mace - made from one of these Brass Mace Heads from Kult of Athena, a 30" piece of an old axe haft, and some brass tacks (it ain't pretty, but it works) - using Fiore's principles. It's been an eye-opening thought experiment, shadow-boxing with my mace. I really suggest it - find a weapon that is not in your canon (or is not a "normal" HEMA weapon - flail, etc.) and play with it, making sure to follow the principles of your flavor of HEMA.


Tyson said...

I use an arming sword (with a cross leather I added to it) for Destreza occasionally - the shorter reach and inability to finger the ricasso make me work a little bit harder, but I think that's a good thing.

Plus, I just really like this arming sword, so I want to use it every once in a while. :)

Fiore newbie said...

"..using Fiore's principles."

That REALLY is inviting the question:
So what are these principles?

I realise that's a huge question - or rather, a question that's demanding a huge answer :) .. so perhaps a just simple list if you would?

What are (at least some of ) the principles, in your view (naturally), in the briefest possible way? :)

(i guess that's a challenge in itself, to put them down in the fewest words.. heh. But I've enjoyed your writing so far and I reckon you can boil it down well.)

Alex said...

Well, everyone's list will be slightly different, but here is my current list:

* Step into attacks.
* Scambiar/rompere della punta
* Weapons on the same side -> deflect
* Weapons on the opposite side -> cross

This is my KISS list (i.e. about as simple as I can make it).

Hope this helps.