Saturday, August 4, 2012


After having a horrible realization that, other than moving it around to reorganize the garage, I haven't touched my swords in months. Time to fix that. I'm going to make a promise to do at least 15 mins of solo drills/sword handling a day. Rather than spread my attention to other weapons and manuscripts, I'm going to focus on the longsword. For fun, maybe I'll try doing some German longsword instead of just Armizare.


Tyson said...

Several months ago, I started focusing on Dall'Agocchie's manuscript. It's been great for all my fencing, even other styles, because I've started spending time sword-in-hand (almost) every day. That was something I had struggled with before. I think you just need that thing - Dall'Agocchie for me, longsword for you - that gets you going. Good luck and kick ass, man!

Alex said...

For me it is longsword, but also axe work that really gets me going. I'm trying to finish a short axe (shoulder height on me) that I've been playing with for Fiore's axe work. Also a little easier to use inside ;)